Brikwol Boutique Hotel


Dolidze 2 Street

Bus Stop - 1 min

Metro Station - 5 min


Recommended Food

Degusto Cafe - 1 min

Pasanauri Georgian Cuisine - 1 min

Radio Cafe - 1 min

Dunkin' Donuts - 1 min

Wendy's - 1 min

Lagaza Bar - 2 min

Burger Club - 5 min

Subway - 8 min

McDonald's - 8 min


Catered by Degusto Cafe

In a 25 steps radius, there is a Georgian traditional restaurant (Pasanauri Dolidze), a very nice Radio Cafe for a lazy evening drink and snack, there's Degusto - a quick breakfast-lunch-dinner place that's open from 08:00 a.m., and there's Wendy's and Dunkin' Donuts too. If you don't mind a 10-minute walk, there's a McDonalds, a Subway, and an actual subway too. There are more than two large supermarket shops within five minutes walk if you want to fix yourself a sandwich or to get some snacks and drinks for a late night TV. We hope you'll never need it, but there are six (!) pharmacies on the street too. We don't know why so many.